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What is ABA?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s a scientific approach that focuses on how the environment affects a student’s learning and behavior.

In schools, ABA can be a very effective tool for students who struggle in regular classroom settings. By providing highly-individualized and compassionate support, ABA can help students develop skills and behaviors that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Compassionate Care

Parents can rest assured that their children will never experience isolation or seclusion at Ascend

Ascend partners with SOAR Behavior Services, a regional leader in compassionate ABA therapy, to provide ABA in all of our classrooms. SOAR has publicly committed to the elimination of seclusion and isolation in response to behaviors.

Instead, we start by filling our students environment with all of their preferred items and activities until they are happy, relaxed, and engaged. Then, we slowly start building in work tasks, always with an eye toward our students happiness. If we need to back off, we do. And then we try again.

Because happy students are successful students.

Full day paraeducator support

Every student at Ascend Academy is given a 1:1 paraeducator for the entire school day. Gone are the days of fighting to have a 1:1 for your child.

At Ascend, we start with whats best for your child. And grow from there


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