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About Us
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Our mission is to provide a supportive, welcoming educational environment for students with autism to facilitate the development of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills they need for a full life.

Ascend was founded on the idea that parents should be able to get an exceptional education for their children with special needs without having to pay a dime.

This was the vision of our founders, and Ascend Academy is the realization of that vision.

School is meant to be a supportive, nurturing place that fosters nothing short of excellence in children. However, far too many parents and children have fallen through the cracks of an educational system that just doesn’t have the resources to meet their very unique needs.

Ascend solves that problem by not sacrificing quality for cost. At Ascend, students get the best of both worlds. And parents get a stress-free educational experience, knowing their children are always in good hands

Our Vision

Preparation for tomorrow

Life is full of surprises. It’s our goal to prepare our students to handle anything life brings their way. Thats why in addition to academics, we teach we teach self-care skills, social skills, and emotional regulation skills to all of our students.

We make it our goal to prepare all of our students to hold meaningful employment by the time they graduate. Employment goals are individually tailored for each student as part of their individualized educational plan.

Many of our students will go on to attend college. If that’s your goal for your child, we will work with you to help them realize that dream. We believe nothing is impossible for our students, and we’re with you all the way.


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Location: 1117 E Westview ct. Spokane WA 99218

School Hours: M-F: 9am - 3pm

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