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Who is eligible to enroll?

Kindergarten through 12th grade students with autism who have severe behaviors, disabilities and skill deficits.

What is the selection and evaluation process for students?

Our board will review each application to assess students in greatest need of our individualized, collaborative and intensive educational model. We prioritize students who have the greatest potential to benefit from behavioral support in a highly specialized educational environment.

Does Ascend offer summer school?

Ascend is open 12 months per year. All kids attending Ascend will receive ABA therapy through the summer to help maintain skills. If you’ve ever been a part of special education, you probably experienced “summer regression.” This is the regression that happens during the summer when kids aren’t in school. Ascend keeps your child making progress by remaining open the full 12 months per year.

Where is Ascend Academy located?

Our Elementary is located at 1117 E Westview Ct. Spokane, WA 99218. Our Middle/High School is at 157 S Howard st, Spokane WA. We share a facility with SOAR Behavior Services, who provides ABA services to our students.

What grades does Ascend serve?

Ascend Academy is accepting kindergarten through 12th grade students.

What is the classroom size?

Our elementary consists of 20 students. Middle/high school is 10 students. We hope to eventually add more students and classrooms.

What does a typical day at Ascend Academy look like?

Every students day is highly individualized. Starting with arrival, your child’s 1:1 BT will met them and take them into the class. We weave each childs IEP and treatment plan together throughout the day, ensuring that their learning is maximized. Most days will include group activities, individual work, access to peer play, one-on-one time with their teacher, and the ability to move freely throughout the clinic.

What is the curriculum at Ascend Academy?

All students at Ascend receive a highly individualized curriculum tailored to their individual needs. The curriculum will cover language arts, literacy, mathematics, science, art, history, and geography as well as social skills/peer interaction and physical education.

What kind of behavioral therapy is provided in the classroom?

We provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy. ABA helps kids with autism gain skills to lead healthy, happy lives. It fosters positive behaviors and responses — such as verbal, social and cognitive skills — by providing positive reinforcement. ABA works by encouraging behaviors that help the child succeed.

What is the cost to attend Ascend Academy?

There is no cost to attend. Ascend is a nonprofit educational institution. We seek funding through donations from local businesses and individuals who understand the need for high-quality education for students with special needs. The ABA therapy provided to students is paid through the family’s insurance.

What insurance do you accept for ABA at Ascend Academy?

For ABA services, we accept all insurance. If your insurance covers ABA services, we take it. If you have questions if your insurance covers ABA, give us a call.

Is transportation available?

We do not provide transportation services. Parents will be responsible for transporting their child to and from the academy.

Do you provide school lunch or meal plans?

We do not provide school lunch or meals. Parents will be responsible for providing meals for their child. Lunch can be stored in a fridge

What are your COVID-19 health and safety protocols?

All of our staff are required to wear masks and are required to be vaccinated if not exempt. Given the many sensory needs of our students, they are not required to wear masks. However we encourage them to wear masks if they are able to do so. Additional non-COVID health protocols are discussed with families upon admission.

What is your policy on discipline?

Ascend does not discipline students. We practice trauma-informed care at all times. No student will ever be placed in isolation. And no student will ever be suspended or expelled for behavior.

What is compassionate care and trauma-informed care?

Compassionate care and trauma informed care mean that we approach each student assuming they have experienced trauma. And we then work to minimize the chance of re-traumatization. All interactions begin from a position of compassion. Only then can meaningful, trusting progress be made.

What are the expectations of parents who have a child enrolled at Ascend?

Parents are responsible for providing lunch and transportation for their child. Parents will also need to attend an orientation and parent-teacher conferences. If parents are new to ABA therapy, they need to attend parent training as prescribed by their supervising BCBA.


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